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What do you do to numb your pain?


Some of our greatest heroes are products of great pain. The kind of pain that you and I can’t relate to, but can only admire from afar. The kind of pain that we can’t relate with but can easily appreciate.  Pain and suffering has inspired, motivated, and ultimately produced greatness that has transcended our world.  These people have used their suffering, in most cases unknowingly, to accomplish great feats. The people I’m talking about have changed the world. You know who they are. I’m talking about the Gandhis of the world. The Jackie Robinsons of the world. The heroes that just retuned from battle. They changed the world!


My story won’t change the world. It’s a story about ordinary pain. Maybe just the perfect amount of pain.


My story is a true story about a regular guy living an ordinary life, with a story that might at minimum, intrigue you, and, at best, inspire you! 

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The Author
Parham Parastaranis an Iranian-American entrepreneur and author with a passion for discussing mental health issues in the business community. A rock-bottom moment led to signing himself up for psychoanalysis, starting a journey that opened up the darkest doors within himself and found him revisiting a childhood of trauma. Over 15 years after that first psychoanalysis session, he chronicles his powerful story in new memoir, Perfect Pain.
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