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Interview with Paul Farahvar

I’m excited to share with you my interview with my great friend Paul Farahvar. Paul is a comedian, podcast host, producer, actor and lawyer. When he’s not entertaining audiences as a comedian, he is either working as a litigation attorney at his own law firm and even trying to get his band(s) back together. He is also the host of the podcast Singles Only, co-host of the 2 Guys 1 Album podcast and a regular guest on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN Radio. He’s even landed a role as "Karam Haddad" on NBC's "Chicago Med" in 2017!

Paul’s litigation practice provides legal and consulting support as part of his Entertainment Law practice and other non-litigation matters.

1. You wear two very opposite hats of comedian and litigation attorney. How did you get started in comedy?

Well comedy was by accident. I was helping my friend with starting his comedy career, more on the business side than the actual writing when I happened to be backstage at my friend's show with comedian Bob Saget who mistook me for my friend and asked me if the story I told him (that made him laugh) was a bit I was about to do. I corrected him and said I wasn't my friend but just there for moral support and he told me I should go up anyways and tell that story. I didn't go up that night (sold out show, no way!) but then I went to a local open mic the next day and had a blast. I have been chasing that high ever since!

2. What part of your comedic routine tends to connect with your audiences the most and why do you think that is?

I think you assume that I make a connection! Just kidding. I think I try to be relatable to people, whether it’s them personally or someone they know. I talk about things that really happen to me and try to poke fun at myself and others in a way that's not too mean. I also try to talk to the audience rather than AT them, if that makes sense. I think they appreciate that for the most part.

3. In my book Perfect Pain, I shared my difficult journey of self reflection and finding authentic happiness. Are there any tools or methodologies you practice to face big obstacles in life?

Sure. I think it’s always good to look at the silver lining in all experiences, which I saw you did in your book. I think being honest with oneself is important and also acknowledging how your background shapes you and your actions along the journey help steer you on a good healthy path for finding happiness. I try to focus on the good in all experiences and accept them for what they are and how they will help me grow personally.

4. As the host of the successful Singles Only podcast and co-host of 2 Guys 1 Album, what has been one of your highlight moments as a host?

Honestly, for SINGLES ONLY, the biggest highlights have been seeing the effects it has made in people who listen as well as the guests. I have been moved more by the reactions from guests who say the podcast helped them and was therapeutic than by the ones that made me cry laughing. I also love that it has led to professionals giving me props for the podcast and my "advice". As for 2 guys, 1 album, it has been fun seeing fans embrace our discussion about the albums and having them share their own stories about music shaping their lives.

5. What is your driving motivation to manage being a successful attorney, comedian and podcast host?

Honestly I don't know how to answer that question. I am motivated by change and having an (a) (hopefully positive) impact on people, whether its my stand up, my podcasts, my radio shows, or law. I try to focus on working hard and being nice to people and being positive and hoping that "success" comes from that.

6. Lastly, what was your favorite part of appearing on NBC’s Chicago Med?

HA! Well, I only was on one episode and it’s a very small role, but I loved interacting with the other stars and actors and seeing how the show was made. Everyone was so professional and nice. Also the snacks!

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